Rebel Raven Games is the overlap of climate justice and educational pedagogy. The changing climate of Earth is effecting different groups of people with varying degrees of intensity. The driver of that change is human behaviour, and the driver of changing human behaviour is education.

Learning by hearing. Learning by seeing. Learning by doing. Layering multiple learning styles in a single activity appeals to a wider number of people’s strengths, and hopefully reaches more people’s minds and souls. Our games include player negotiations, set matching, and symbolically addressing planetary conditions by moving tokens.

Rebel Raven Games is operated by a Benefit Company in British Columbia, Canada that is committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy, and is using games to bring awareness to people who would not otherwise encounter such perspectives.

David’s a mathematician and educator by training. He’s using board games to present climate science to the public in a way that’s understandable to non-scientists.

Teaching math at the high school and university levels has taught him how to introduce complex and technical ideas to non-technical (and sometimes disinterested or adversarial) people. Presenting his own research at climate change conferences made him aware that many, many scientists struggle with making their work accessible to non-scientists.

David’s bringing these ideas together. He’s using board games to make information about our climate situation accessible to a wide variety of people. Hope you enjoy the games he’s designing.

Preliminary Game Box Cover

Rebel Raven Games would like to tell you about Habitable Earth.

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