Board and Card Games

Climate Change 2030: Running out of Time

Game Board with blocks and dice for Climate Change 2030: Running out of Time

The year is 2021. The climate is changing rapidly, and human suffering continues to grow. Can you dodge disaster and create a just and equitable safe space on Earth before the tipping point of no return in 2030?

A two-player cooperative, set matching and run making game where negotiation is paramount and disaster always looms right around the corner.

Climate Change 2030: The Doughnut

Game Board for Climate Change 2030 The Doughnut

A safe space on Earth is where the environmental conditions that cause climate change are kept below a critical threshold. Can you gather more like tiles together on a donut than your opponent can?

An area control and set matching game where the area changes, the control is fleeting, and the sets you gather may cost you the game.

The gameboards and layout for these games are inspired by the model for The Doughnut Economy, a graphical way to display environmental and social conditions. We create a Safe and Just Space for all of humanity when the environmental conditions are below a critical ceiling, and the social conditions are above a minimum threshold. In between this environmental ceiling and social foundation is a Safe and Just Space for all of humanity to thrive.